Thursday, August 31, 2017

Pharma Contract Sales Force

It takes more skill, knowledge and connections than ever to successfully connect with prescribing physicians in the current pharma marketplace. With the attention of doctors stretched thin the available time and opportunities to get your message across is increasingly limited. It takes a sales force with a wider array of skills, quick response capabilities, and close relationships with physicians and their networks to get the job done. To that end, PharmaKinnex fields a smart, efficient and reliable pharma contract sales force.

Our highly-trained, college educated sales reps deploy a variety of different methods of reaching your
Pharma Contract Sales Force
intended targets. With more than 32 years of contract sales experience, PharmaKinnex has built deep and lasting relationships with prescribers and their offices that have our sales reps able to find their way into offices that others simply can't. Our team utilizes a variety of techniques ranging from tele-sales to office visits to e-mail campaigns to find doctors where they are most likely to pay attention. We create custom strategies based on first-hand knowledge of each area we work so that no time, effort, or money is wasted during the sales process.

PharmaKinnex's sales team is not only agile, flexible and experienced, but also cost effective. We can put our pharma contract sales force to work for a fraction of the cost of an in-house sales rep and we can do so within weeks of the start of the contract. 

Whether your company is trying to launch a new brand, reinvigorate a vacant territory or looking to expand beyond the abilities of your current sales force, PharmaKinnex can bring your important medications to the attention of the prescribers who will get them to the patients who need them.

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PharmaKinnex - Your trusted Pharma Contract Sales Force

Friday, July 14, 2017

Pharma Remote Detailing

Pharma Remote Detailing, also known as e-detailing, is an effective means of connecting pharmaceutical companies with the doctors who prescribe their important medications to the patients who need them. E-Detailing is quick, affordable and efficient. PharmaKinnex is an expert at e-detailing and has been a pharma remote detailing leader for many years with a proven track record of success.

Like all good marketing, Pharma Remote Detailing is good at finding physicians when and where
Pharma Remote Detailing
they are most susceptible to receiving your message. Pharma Remote Detailing is a multichannel marketing process that includes everything from e-mail marketing, sample ordering, live digital presentations and more. Because of its remote and electronic nature, it’s possible to find narrow communication windows in physicians’ schedules on an as needed basis rather than having to send a representative to wait at an office with the possibility that they will not even be able to meet with the decision makers who matter that day.

When we do have face-to-face meetings with physicians, e-detailing allows us to seamlessly distribute information through electronic media which allows for compelling presentations and allows our representatives to quickly answer questions. Physicians appreciate remote detailing because it allows them the flexibility to review materials on their own schedule and with electronic media that is convenient, compelling and easy to navigate.

PharmaKinnex has built a network of over 200,000 Physicians and 150,000 NPs/PAs in our virtual rolodex over the past 14 years. We can make the connections you need to get your medications to the people who will benefit from them the most.

To request a Pharma Remote Detailing quote from PharmaKinnex, call us at (877) 4KINNEX.

PharmaKinnex – Your Trusted source for Pharma Remote Detailing. 

Friday, June 30, 2017

Pharmaceutical Multichannel Marketing

Using only one tool can get you only so far.

Let’s say that you are building a house and all you have is a hammer. That’s great if you’re trying to put nails in things, but there’s a lot more to getting the job done well. Someone must supply the wood and, if you don’t have a saw, you’ll quickly discover that knocking down a tree with a hammer is wildly inefficient. You need an ax or a saw. And once the wood is cut down it needs to be sanded. And even after you’ve nailed all the wood in place it needs to be sanded, polished and finished. The end result is that it takes a lot of people with a large and diverse skill set working towards a single goal to get the job done right. And just as this is true for building a house, so too is it true for pharmaceutical marketing.

Today’s pharmaceutical marketing game requires many different tools to get the job done. Any company that is only using one tool is failing to build the sturdy foundation your pharma marketing needs. That’s why companies like PharmaKinnex deploy pharmaceutical multichannel marketing.

Pharmaceutical Multichannel Marketing
Our pharmaceutical multichannel marketing approach provides several different avenues of communication that ensure your message is being heard loud and clear by the people who need to hear it. We send your message across the phones, in person, through social media and through e-mail. PharmaKinnex’s approach to pharmaceutical multichannel marketing is fast, affordable, strategic and affordable. We’ve spent more than 14 years perfecting our approach to getting important medicine prescribed to the people who need it.

To request a quote for PharmaKinnex’s pharmaceutical multichannel marketing program and put all of our tools to work for your company, call (877) 4KINNEX or visit our website.

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Pharma Contract Sales Force

In the ever-changing pharmaceutical sales world, it takes a team to get the job done.  But having more people isn’t enough. You need to have a well-structured team working together to implement a winning strategy that uses your skillsets in concert rather than in parallel or at cross-purposes. That means building a custom sales team that fits the needs of any medical field in any region of the country. In short, it means building a smart, capable pharma contract sales force.

It is getting harder and harder for pharmaceutical sales representatives to find openings in doctor’s schedules to let them know the benefits your products could have for their patients. Doctors seem to be busier than ever and have less time to listen to salespeople educating them about even the most urgently important products. It’s not that the doctors aren’t interested. They are. It’s that their busy schedules don’t have many gaps.

Given these challenges, sending salespeople to key locations blindly is no longer effective. That is why PharmaKinnex utilizes a dual-pronged strategy of scheduling visits in advance with our tele-reps. Because of these scheduled on-site visits by our field reps we can get your product to doctors at a time when they are most receptive. This process is flexible and efficient, saving time and money.

For over 14 years, PharmaKinnex’s contract sales force has honed this process down to a science, getting positive results for pharma companies looking to spread the word about their latest breakthroughs and get new medicines to the people who need them most.

To learn more about how PhamaKinnex’s pharma contract sales force can work for you, call (877) 4KINNEX.

PharmaKinnex – Your trusted pharma contract sales force.

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Pharma Multichannel Marketing

In today’s complex pharmaceutical marketplace, it is harder than ever to get a hold of the doctors and decision makers who determine which medications to prescribe to their patients. Specializing in a single approach, like visits to the office or cold calling, is no longer a viable option. For that reason, pharmaceutical companies have needed to embrace a more complex, multichannel method of selling their wares to the doctors who prescribe medications and ultimately to the patients whose lives they could improve. To get the results you want, you need a pharma multichannel marketing company.

The key to successful pharmaceutical sales these days is flexibility. Gone are the days when pharmaceutical representatives could make cold visits to doctors everywhere. Today's doctors are too busy seeing too many patients with too little time between them for the classic approach to work on its own. For that reason, it is necessary to engage in multi-channel marketing, adapting to different doctor’s routines and proclivities so that no matter where they are or what they are doing, there will be a marketing solution that reaches them when and where they are most receptive.

Being a successful pharma multichannel marketing company means using a variety of different tools ranging from utilizing social media networks, to online videos, to fax, e-mail and more. It means deploying a team with diverse sales and marketing skills in person, on the phone, at the keyboard and even on video.

PharmaKinnex has successfully ridden the tsunami of change in the pharmaceutical marketing industry since 2004. Being able to deploy an array of market tactics quickly, intelligently and affordably, is a challenge PharmaKinnex meets daily to excellent results.

To request a pharma quote from our pharma multichannel marketing company, visit or call our offices at (877)4KINNEX.

PharmaKinnex – Your Trusted Pharma Multichannel Marketing Company

Monday, August 29, 2016

Pharmaceutical Marketing Organization

Are you looking for a pharmaceutical marketing organization? At PharmaKinnex, our multi-channel direct marketing has been increasing sales for pharmaceutical companies since 2004. Our pharmaceutical marketing organization offers a cost effective approach for both pharmaceutical and biotech companies to directly reach their healthcare targets. If you are interested in exceeding your results from your marketing investment, choose PharmaKinnex as your pharmaceutical marketing organization.

Why Opt for A Pharmaceutical Marketing Organization?
Are you offering pharmaceutical products? Do you know the proper channel for advertising your products?  It is a competitive industry where the right kind of marketing channel, expertise and strategy is critical to success. If the marketing isn’t effective then there are fewer chances of earning profits that are expected by you. The right channel of advertising not only helps you attract and target the appropriate audience but also convert them into regular customers and encourage brand recognition and brand loyalty. If you are looking for a results driven pharmaceutical marketing strategy, then contacting PharmaKinnex is undoubtedly the most appropriate medium for you. For a deeper look into the reasons for opting for a pharmaceutical marketing agency like PharmaKinnex, here are several: 

•    It Provides Multi-Channel Marketing Approaches.
Choosing our pharmaceutical marketing agency would always prove beneficial for your firm because it is a forum which ensures that your marketing is multidimensional. It does not focus on one channel alone rather it focuses on utilizing as many channels as you can afford and are suitable for your product. It includes tele-detailing, SMS marketing, mail marketing, direct mail marketing, video detailing and fax marketing. These different channels help target different types of audience who use your product. We can easily determine which channel will be suitable for what type of audience and how that channel can be utilized to attract them. 

•    Optimal Combination of Channels & Brand Building Strategies
PharmaKinnex has the expertise as well as experience to improve your marketing endeavors. Just like a professional chef knows the perfect mix of spices to get the authentic taste, our marketing agency is well equipped with the knowledge of combining the channels and different tools in optimal ways.  This optimal fusion of various media and tools of marketing helps in building greater brand awareness among the target audience which is directed towards increasing sales. This means that hiring a pharmaceutical marketing agency will ensure greater brand recognition and greater profits. 

•   Customizable to Suit Your Product’s Needs and Meet Your Demands.
PharmaKinnex is not rigid and structured, rather we emphasize on flexibility which makes it easier for firms like you. This difference is what helps us retain customers in the long-run, so by hiring PharmaKinnex you can easily ensure that our marketing meets the needs and demands of your product and also helps you reach out  to the target audience. This helps build greater brand loyalty and makes you widen your customer base.  

For more information about our pharmaceutical marketing organization, call PharmaKinnex at (877) 4KINNEX.