Friday, July 14, 2017

Pharma Remote Detailing

Pharma Remote Detailing, also known as e-detailing, is an effective means of connecting pharmaceutical companies with the doctors who prescribe their important medications to the patients who need them. E-Detailing is quick, affordable and efficient. PharmaKinnex is an expert at e-detailing and has been a pharma remote detailing leader for many years with a proven track record of success.

Like all good marketing, Pharma Remote Detailing is good at finding physicians when and where
Pharma Remote Detailing
they are most susceptible to receiving your message. Pharma Remote Detailing is a multichannel marketing process that includes everything from e-mail marketing, sample ordering, live digital presentations and more. Because of its remote and electronic nature, it’s possible to find narrow communication windows in physicians’ schedules on an as needed basis rather than having to send a representative to wait at an office with the possibility that they will not even be able to meet with the decision makers who matter that day.

When we do have face-to-face meetings with physicians, e-detailing allows us to seamlessly distribute information through electronic media which allows for compelling presentations and allows our representatives to quickly answer questions. Physicians appreciate remote detailing because it allows them the flexibility to review materials on their own schedule and with electronic media that is convenient, compelling and easy to navigate.

PharmaKinnex has built a network of over 200,000 Physicians and 150,000 NPs/PAs in our virtual rolodex over the past 14 years. We can make the connections you need to get your medications to the people who will benefit from them the most.

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